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CBD Genesis Tincture

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  • Amazing Pain & Inflammation Relief
  • Alleviate Annoying Headaches
  • Improve Sleep for more Energy
  • Potent Relaxation helps Eliminate Stress
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This product contains less than 0.3% THC

Size: 30ml


  • MCT Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • CBD


(100 MG / 30 ML) = Estimated 3.33 MG PER 1 ML (350 MG / 30 ML) = Estimated 11.6 MG PER 1 ML (550 MG / 30 ML) = Estimated 18.3 MG PER 1 ML (1000 MG / 30 ML) = Estimated 33.3 MG PER 1 ML (1500 MG / 30 ML) = Estimated 50 MG PER 1 ML (2000 MG / 30 ML) = Estimated 66.6 MG PER 1 ML

CBD Genesis is one of the most concentrated CBD brands and currently one of out best-selling CBD. In the tincture form, it has a longer shelf life, its easier to use, and more convenient.  

Full Spectrum CBD Tincture (what is full-spectrum and what it contains)  

CBD Genesis Tincture is a full spectrum tincture which is what makes it so potent. Full-spectrum means the product contains all the cannabinoids that are naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. Full-spectrum CBD is typically very high in CBD and very minimal in THC, less than 0.3%. Full-spectrum CBD also contains other minor cannabinoids which help increase the effectiveness of products like CBD Genesis Tincture, because of the different cannabinoids working synergistically.  

CBD tincture and migraines, anxiety, pain, sleep  

CBD is commonly used as a sedative to bring relaxation into your life. Because of these calming components, this tincture is typically associated with feelings of relief and alleviation with symptoms of migraines, anxiety, pain, and sleep problems. This works on a deeper level because your body contains the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is the system that regulates functions such as sleep, pain, and appetite. CBD Genesis can help by acting upon your endocannabinoid receptors which reduces inflammation and helps reduce pain and migraines. CBD is also linked with the ability to act upon the brain’s serotonin receptors. Serotonin is the chemical that helps regulate your mood and bring feelings of happiness, therefore, alleviating feelings of anxiety.  

How to Use CBD Tincture (sublingual, mix with food or drinks)  

While technically this tincture can be taken with food or drinks, The CBD Genesis tincture comes in a liquid form so it is designed and recommended to be taken sublingually, meaning that you place the drops under your tongue for best results. With this method, cannabidiol can enter the bloodstream immediately because there are blood vessels under the tongue that the tincture enters through allowing for much faster absorption and more immediate results.  

GMO-free and Organic CBD Tincture  

The CBD Genesis Tincture is GMO-free and organic. The tincture is made by using only natural means of production. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant by using pressurized CO2 which at certain temperatures acts as solvent making it safe and effective. It is then diluted using a carrier oil like hemp seed, coconut, or olive.  

Can you vape CBD Tincture?  

Vape juice and CBD tinctures tend to look the same and have the same liquid consistency, but CBD Genesis Tinctures are NOT meant to be vaped. Tinctures are meant to be taken sublingually, and can not be vaped because they will not vaporize properly or burn well because tinctures work by dissolving. If you are looking for CBD that can be vaped, we have plenty of other specific CBD vape juice products such as our CBD Genesis Oil for Vaping.  

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100mg, 350mg, 550mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, 2000mg









26 reviews for CBD Genesis Tincture

  1. Neil

    Worth it!

  2. Jose

    I’ve bought many CBD products from different distributors. I noticed many seemed watered down. However, when I purchased this product however, I was able to tell it was a fairly thick oil which indicated to me it was pure CBD oil and not a deluded oil. the dosage was about 250MG and did a great job treating my chronic back pains.

  3. Larry Revels

    Good stuff!!

  4. frank

    love this tincture, one of my personal favorites

  5. Jessica

    Love it, its helped me so much with my migraines

  6. Alex

    amazing tincture ! The taste of hemp is very subtle but i don’t mind it.

  7. Ronda Gowing

    Im a cancer survivor & i was so tired of pain medication
    I got the 1500 mg & i couldn’t believe it, it took my pain right away
    Best cbd out there

  8. Bidkar

    Thus far the best tincture I’ve used.

  9. Melissa

    I bought one of these with the coupon you get for signing up! Taste isn’t so bad and works great

  10. Daniel

    Truley amazing tincture

  11. Skyler

    Helps so much with my anxiety and sleep

  12. Jacob

    I don’t feel high when i use this tincture, just very relaxed and it helps me stay asleep throughout the entire night.

  13. Chris

    Very oily taste but it’s bearable. i weight 180 and i use the 1000mg for lower back pain.

  14. Janet

    This stuff works great for my mild cramps

  15. Jacob

    I was having lower back pain and this calmed it down a lot

  16. Bert Buehler

    A few drops of the 2000mg is all it takes to remove any chronic pain for me

  17. Brandon

    I use it to calm myself down when I feel overworked

  18. Danny

    This stuff is awesome!

  19. Heidi

    Very nice and effective product

  20. Linda

    I like it!!!!!! Works for me

  21. Nathan

    it works great

  22. Kayla

    I’ve had back pain for over 9 years. I have 3 buldging disc and sciatica in both legs. I’ve tried spinal decompression, cortisone shots, muscle relaxer medication, pain medication, and basically everything short of surgery! I finally gave in to try and I’m so mad I didn’t try this sooner! This is meant for under the tongue but I take it under my tongue AND I apply it directly on my lower back! I got up and because I’ve been walking and moving so oddly because of pain I’m having to retrain myself how to walk normal because the pain is NOTHING like it was. I can stand, walk, and bend over normal again after only 2 days of usage! I’m a life time customer and I found a place that was charging 240 and gave me half off which is what this price is so I’ll be ordering from here from now on!

  23. Mike

    This is great for my anxiety

  24. Jim

    Definitely has a very oily taste and watery. I weight 185 pounds and use the 1500mg to treat my anxiety and works well. It doesn’t help me fall asleep but it does helps me STAY asleep throughout the entire night.

  25. Pamela

    I find this to be pretty effective at calming my annoying pelvic pain. It helps lessen the bad feeling

  26. Benny K,

    I sometimes get slight pain after my workouts. My body just does’t work the same as it used to when I was younger. A couple drops of this and I feel my pain go away almost instantly. Would be nice if it had a more mild taste but it does its job so I can’t complain much. Overall I am happy with the outcome I get

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