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CBD Genesis Pain Cream (250mg- 500mg)

(15 customer reviews)


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Feel the incredibly soothing effects of CBD with Genesis Pain Cream

  • Alleviate Joint Pain
  • Reduce inflammation






This product contains less than 0.3% THC

Ingredients: Essential Oil, Organic Alcohol Extract of Salix Alba (Organic White Willow) Bark, Xanthan Gum, Tetrasodium EDTA, Naturally Occurring CBD in Hemp oil 200mg


What are the benefits of CBD cream?

- Treats chronic pain and acute pain

- Relieves sore muscles and joints

- Helps heal skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne

- Reduces inflammation

- Helps heal rashes and burns


How long until you feel the effects?

CBD cream generally takes longer to kick in than other products. Once it's applied, you may start to feel it work after a couple of minutes. However, it isn't until after an hour that its full effect takes place. Like most products, the time it takes for the effects to be noticeable, depends on the quantity used, how often you use it, and your body's reaction to it.


How long do the effects last?

Six hours, that's how long it lasts. But it can be less, how effective it'll be depends on the dosage and quality of the cream. 


Where should you store CBD cream?

CBD creams need to be stored at room temperature, which is about 70 degrees. If it's way past this temperature, the product will melt, and if it's far below it, it'll freeze. Another important point to take into consideration is making sure it is closed properly to keep it fresh.


How do you use CBD cream?

This method of CBD is applied directly onto the skin. It's as easy as rubbing it onto the part of your body that aches or burns. Yet it's necessary to check the dosage of the cream, if it contains a low amount of CBD, it won't be as effective and you may need to move up to the next strength. 

Additional information


250 mg, 500 mg

Acceptance Criteria Test Results
250 mg CBD per jar (2 oz) 257.3 mg CBD per jar
< 180 mg THC per jar (<0.3%) 12.65 mg THC per bottle (0.021%)

Analyzed with high-performance liquid chromatography

15 reviews for CBD Genesis Pain Cream (250mg- 500mg)

  1. Barbara

    i bought the 500mg. it helps me so much with joint pain

  2. Fernando

    works great!

  3. Jessica

    The 500mg works really well for my joint pain

  4. jason

    I bought this cream to help with my arthritis. I have to say I was very impressed. It removes the pain by numbing the area where you apply the cream. I use the 500mg

  5. Lisa

    Works well! Would definitely purchase again

  6. Carol

    This stuff is so good for my psoriasis

  7. Ted

    it works really well for my lower back pain otherwise i would have trouble sleeping.

  8. Jillian

    I like it so far 🙂

  9. Mel

    A nice cream for my joint pains

  10. sarah

    Great product. Will be purchasing again

  11. Chris

    Its good

  12. David


  13. Terrance

    It works for my lower back pain

  14. kara

    Giving this 4 stars because the 250mg didnt do much for me but the 500mg worked well. I suffer from strong joint pain that keeps me up at night but the 500mg temporarily blocks the pain long enough for me to get a full night sleep.

  15. Taylor

    I apply this to my aching knees and I’ve noticed it feels more bearable after putting on

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