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CBD Capsules

CBD Gel Caps and pills are a great way to experience the potent effects of CBD. If you don’t enjoy the taste of oils and aren’t a huge fan of candy, these neutral flavor capsules are right for you. Choose your favorite strength from our best-selling CBD Capsules below.

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Taking Health One Step at a Time with CBD Gel Caps

Our CBD capsules for sale (otherwise known as CBD soft gels and pills) are growing in popularity and scientific studies as they offer an effective alternative to over-the-counter prescription medications. What makes CBD capsules so effective is their ability to combat a wide range of medical conditions while being discreet and easy to carry on the go, allowing you to enjoy that sweet CBD relief whenever you need it.

Phenomenal & Powerful CBD, Itty-Bitty Little Capsules

CBD gel caps are similar to fish oil capsules, being a soft gel that contains a form of CBD liquid that is easily swallowed and digested into the body’s system.

What makes CBD capsules more potent than other prescriptions is the fact that it contains cannabidiol, a natural anti-inflammatory compound that can treat anything from chronic pain and depression to anxiety and sleeping disorders. Being the same size as an average fish oil gel, these CBD soft gel capsules are packed with low to high potent CBD dosages certain to fit your personal medical need.

If you are suffering from severe depression or unrelenting chronic pain, we recommend using the slow-release and high dosage of a CBD capsule to help you achieve anywhere from 6-8 hours of soothing relief per every pill.

Not All CBD Capsules are Created Equal

Because CBD products are still approaching mainstream understanding in the medical market, there are a variety of ways that CBD oil is extracted and instilled to make a CBD gel cap.

Ranging from the expensive process of supercritical CO2 extraction (where the CBD is extracted separated and dissolved in vegetable oil with the help of carbon dioxide) to the inexpensive use of extraction by alcoholic solvents (which downgrades the purity of CBD oil), it is important to check the label on which method the CBD capsules where made under.

Supercritical CO2 extraction is the most premiere with the longest shelf-life and most valuable extraction of the purest CBD. While CO2 extraction may cost more than the other methods, this form of ingestion will not come even remotely close to the pharmaceutical costs spent by Americans each year.

Using CBD Pills

Taken either at a meal or on the go, CBD soft gels can be used anytime and in anyplace to meet your medical demands. Regardless of whether it’s a single CBD capsule or three (depending on the dosages), they may also be taken with food and/or water to speed up the metabolic breakdown of the pill.

Due to the average release of CBD capsules taking approximately 20-35 minutes for effects to be noted, it is easy for the patient to schedule their prescription intake of CBD soft gels. This allows for a degree of customization not only for dosage, but also timing that is best for the patient themselves.

Whether on the go or on a lazy day, these gel caps are filled with CBD oil that is necessary for most patients.

Always consult your physician before consuming CBD.