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Hemp – and, more specifically, hemp seeds – have the ability to completely and totally transform your health for the better. A right to life “superfood,” I'd recommend integrating a dose of hemp seeds into your daily diet.


Hemp Seeds …

  • Are flooded with the perfect 3:1 balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to improve your overall cardiovascular health.
  • They are rich in gamma linolenic acid, a fatty acid that helps to bind and balance your hormones.
  • They contain ALL 20 amino acids as well as each of the nine essential amino acids, making hemp seeds one of the few “perfect proteins.”
  • They are effortlessly absorbed into the human body making them immediately useful to all of your bodily systems.
  • They are flooded with minerals, vitamins, and completely free of biochemical components that cause inflammation or major fluctuations throughout your blood sugar.
  • They can be added to your daily diet with absolutely zero side effects (negative side effects, anyway) whatsoever.
  • It’s impossible to “overdose” on hemp seed products, so you can go right on using these products day after day without any worry or concern whatsoever.

It doesn’t get much better than that!


Hemp fights back against LDL-cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) - New studies suggest that a daily dose of hemp seed or hemp seed oil (as little as a single tablespoon every day) can dramatically improve your overall cholesterol levels – and do so with lightning like speed. Hemp breaks down LDL-cholesterol but also does a fantastic job at streamlining your arteries and veins, helping you fight back against blood clotting issues that can because by LDL-cholesterol levels that are spiraling out of control. Click here for an extensive guide to Hemp Seeds and their benefits.


We’ve included a resource for Hemp Gourmet Groceries, a link to hemp super foods available on the market. The ancient Chinese relied on hemp seed as well as hemp seed oil as both food and medicine, and there are some pretty exciting archaeological digs that point to the use of hempseed all the way back in prehistory.


Hemp is a super-food, you just can’t go wrong by including it into your daily diet. Just a tablespoon of hemp seed oil every day will do wonders for changing your life for the better.

For wonderful hemp recipes I'd suggest you invest in a Hemp Cookbook, click on the link for some terrific suggestions.


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