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An easier question would be asking “How does CBD NOT Affect my health?”, considering the vast multitude and different ways that CBD can positively impact your health. From the mental to the physical, CBD can be used to treat conditions ranging from recurring depression and epilepsies to the flow of oxygen and detoxification of our bodies and brains.

CBD & Mental Health

From cognitive and emotional dysfunction from conditions like ADHD to prolonged and debilitative progression from diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer's, CBD can be used to quell and calm a multitude of mental disturbances. This is due to how CBD aids the endocannabinoid system and quells inflammation- both on a bodily and cellular level. By reducing inflamed pathways and deoxidating areas in the brain, CBD products are able to promote clearer and more responsive information connections between neurons in the brain. With a focus on quelling the mind from inflammation and to invoke a non-hallucinogenic calm, CBD products such as CBD edibles and CBD oils can be used by the young and old to treat any type of mental condition. Whether it is temporary paranoia or a life-long genetic condition, a CBD rich prescription is best kept in mind when looking for relief.

CBD & Physical Health

When the body is fighting off a foreign disease or needs a boost to help rejuvenate its blood flow and regenerative abilities, CBD is there to help as well. Even as something as a simple cut or bruise can be implemented with CBD to promote cellular regeneration and healing. If the body is overworked due to chronic pain or the effects of aging itself, CBD can slow down (and even reverse in some cases) the damage done to the body and its cells. An athlete, a child born with multiple sclerosis, or an elderly paraplegic can reap the benefits of CBD; being safe for the young and old, CBD looks to help “anybody” at any stage in its life.  

CBD & The Health In-Between

As we like to clearly distinguish between what is a “mental” and a “physical” health problem, science continues to reveal and discover new ways of viewing the body and it’s many, many systems. It has recently been discovered that the mood of a patient can be affected by the type of bacteria that can not only be found in the brain but also in the gut as well! The old standards and antiquated understanding of body and mind are being re-evaluated and recontextualized to help better understand our very complex bodies. CBD is a simple compound that plays in both complicated realms. Whether it is depression that promotes weight loss or weight gain, stress that inflames and disrupts cellular regeneration, or physical “tics” and convulsions caused by Epilepsy in the brain, CBD medication is able to treat and boost both the body and mind. No need for a variety and multitude of over-the-counter prescriptions (and their own medical and financial costs), CBD can single-handedly promote health on a holistic scale. Simplify your medication routine and worry less with CBD products.

CBD: Medical Help Without Medical Worries

Stress, whether caused by internal or external stressors, can negatively impact and even derail medical prescriptions and their overall potency and effect on us. Stress itself straddles the line between body and mind, with a multitude of origins and effects based on both the physical and mental realms of the patient. While an over-the-counter medication could take away stress, it could then have an adverse side-effect that harms the body – leading to further distress and the potential downward spiral of using a cacophony of prescriptions to balance both physical and mental health. But luckily, CBD products eliminates this precarious balancing act at its source by eliminating stress itself. As stress is decreasing, CBD flows through the body and brings balance to the mind. Instead of risking the body to disruption between body and mind, CBD promotes overall health without demanding strict adherence or high financial costs. By eliminating the external factors (like price and prescription schedule) alongside the internal body factors of stress, CBD is a wholly holistic medicinal compound that truly eliminates stress. And by leaving no addictive residue behind in the body (often being cleaned out within a week), CBD products such as CBD oils and/or CBD pills can ensure that your medication doesn’t become your own poison.


As part of a changing landscape of understanding our bodies and minds alongside a call away from addictive prescriptions, CBD and CBD products are revolutionizing how we combat physical and mental distress. Become a part of a growing consciousness that goes away from compromising your own health for profit and instead take a more on a holistic approach to health through CBD prescriptions - no stress needed!