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Hemplucid Mct Oil

Hemplucid Mct Oil

Both MCT oil and CBD oil are making headlines for its powerful health benefits, even going against the current medical establishment. MCT Oil, which consists of medium-chain fatty acids, is a potent and easily metabolized fat that gives the user energy. Infusing it with the anti-inflammatory cannabidiol, hemplucid MCT oil will make just about anyone feel great.


The Power of Mixing CBD & MCT

There is no doubt that lots of research points in the direction of CBD being a great holistic treatment with mild side effects. To make the transport of CBD oil much faster in the body, there are already commercial products of CBD & MCT mixtures to harness the power of medium-chain fatty acids. In particular, this mix will be rich in Lauric acid, caproic acid, and Caprylic acid.


MCT is helpful as CBD breaks down using fat, so taking it with fatty acids would improve its absorption. While other oils could be used, MCT is processed smoothly so that it doesn’t cause free radicals and is metabolized efficiently by the liver. This is how the effects of CBD is felt exceptionally fast.


MCT is natural as it’s sourced from coconut oil, which is rich in these fast-acting clean fatty acids. It is used on its own for improving cognitive ability, weight loss, and hunger suppression. For people looking for health hacks, it is the perfect thing to mix with CBD.

This oil had especially been popularized by followers of the Bulletproof diet, in which fast-acting saturated fats are the main source of energy. The addition of CBD can help with inflammation while experimenting with this diet.


Can MCT oil be used topically?


Both MCT & CBD have external uses, which is why you could try out hemplucid MCT oil externally if you wish. Keep in mind that the effects of internal and external consumption are quite different and may not be as powerful.

If you need to treat a rash or injury, these oils can have a soothing effect while improving recovery time. It also has the ability to treat achy joins to some extent.


The Safety of MCT Oil

It should be noted that the primary use of MCT oil is to increase ketone production for people on keto diets or while fasting. In general, this is quite safe but some people can have different reactions. This may include heart palpitations, anxiety, or headaches. When taking it in conjunction with caffeine or coffee, which is a common combination, this can exaggerate some symptoms.

As far as long-term effects are concerned, it can theoretically raise cholesterol as its a saturated fat. The danger of that is largely genetic and unhealthy saturated fats are more prominent from food than a small MCT-based supplement. Having a diet poor in anti-oxidants can increase calcification, which is an external factor from having a high-fat diet.


Cannabidiol-enhanced MCT oil will be one important tool in your arsenal to good health and longevity. If you are a fan of the Bulletproof diet, hemplucid MCT oil would amazing mixed in with your daily coffee. If you are looking for new and interesting CBD products, check out what we have in our online shop.

Hemplucid Mct Oil

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