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Though it may be dry to state the obvious, it is a well-known fact that water is not only a necessity for life itself, but also massively beneficial to promoting your health and livelihood. From rehydrating our cells and starting metabolic processes to cooling up inflamed systems, water is a fundamental part of not only our health but what makes us up ourselves.  Whether it is a refreshing glass of water or an ice packet to cover a bruise, water can be found to lift up our health and spirits. But beyond drinking water with our medical prescriptions or to rehydrate ourselves after an intensive workout, we are not realizing the full benefits of the medicinal capabilities of water. New on the horizon and on the medicinal market is water infused with the medicinal benefits of cannabidiol (CBD). CBD water has all the benefits of normal water alongside the therapeutic power of CBD, with the ability to not only hydrate but also restore metabolic processes’, induce rest (on both a bodily system and/or cellular level), or just help with boosting the immune system. Let us discuss the ways that CBD water can “wet” your appetite for a healthier you!

The Benefits of CBD Water

As mentioned in the list prior, CBD water has a list of long-lasting benefits from inducing the body and mind to rest to helping with metabolic processes. This is in large part due to the chemical structure of CBD, cannabidiol. Extracted from industrial hemp and isolated by itself, CBD is a natural chemical that doesn’t inhibit the user on any hallucinations or dependency on itself.  Instead, the body fully processes and metabolizes CBD so that there is no damage or residue left by CBD’s use. The hydrating nature of water combined with the soothing power of CBD can ensure not only a proper diet regiment but also help fight off disease, inflammation, and even depression. This is in part due to CBD’s tendency to connect with receptors in our endocannabinoid system, a network of signals and bodily systems that regulates our metabolic and cellular processes. By interacting with this fundamental system, CBD can induce the body to recover back from a myriad of symptoms and debilitative conditions – including but not limited to inflammation, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and even depression.

While CBD water may not be able to cure life-long conditions such as Alzheimer’s and/or Tourette’s Syndrome, CBD water can alleviate and promote a lifestyle that enables the user instead of disabling them.

How to Get CBD Water

There is a growing amount of ways to secure your own bottle of CBD water, depending on the state that you live in. While industrial hemp is legalized on a federal level, it will be good to check into your state laws and vote for the regulation of CBD for your local area. But if you are in a state that has legalized the use of CBD products, finding CBD water is relatively easy. Many online stores and even some alternative medicine facilities (the legitimate businesses and not snake-oil spots) carry CBD water in a bottle by itself or part of a larger flat. If you are having difficulties finding CBD water in a bottle, you can always make your own home-concoction with CBD tincture oil. By determining the strength of dosage by the controlling of CBD oil drops, this method allows you the ability to determine your proper dosage – which places you in control of your own CBD medication.

CBD Water Relief in a Dry Land of Mega-Corporations

CBD products and CBD water are part of a growing consciousness of alternative medicine that isn’t based in pseudoscience or false promises. With every successful regiment of CBD being noted and observed by medical professionals, the closer we are as a society to removing our dependency on narcotics and over-the-counter drugs that “hook” us into addictive and often depressive lifestyles that appear to be inescapable. CBD water is another medical step that is promoting the agency and value of the patient, instead of the value of the dollar. Where CBD water can replenish your ability to making decisions over your own health. Too many individuals are being sold on prescriptions that make us feel alienated, depressed, addicted, and downright miserable to be taking constantly. By trying to follow standardized formulas designed by pharmaceutical giants, we are not in tuned to the natural rhythms and flow of our bodies systems and health. Instead, we focus on following a strict regimen that doesn’t promise anything beyond a long list of potential (and often horrifying) side-effects. Not all medicine has to be a bitter pill to swallow – some of it can be a refreshing cold glass of pure CBD water.             By focusing on the natural rhythms of our body alongside help from a trusted medical professional, CBD water and other CBD products are looking to not only give you a boost of health but also give you back your own agency over it.