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Cbd Genesis

If you’re considering trying CBD oil, it’s important to find the best quality oil, so it does what you want it to. There are several questions you should ask when looking at CBD oil, whether you purchase a CBD Genesis product or another brand of oil.

How do you extract your CBD oil?

The best quality of CBD oil is produced with ethanol and supercritical CO2 extraction. If the company uses other methods, like using toxic solvents, avoid them. Companies may post information about their extraction methods on their website. If they don’t, contact their customer service department and ask them.

Where do you get your hemp?

One of the best ways to ensure a quality product is to use quality materials. This is especially true of CBD. If the hemp is made from was grown on land that contains heavy metals, they’ll also be present in the plant. That means it’s going to be lower quality and unsafe for humans. When looking into CBD products, look for those grown in the United States. You can ensure the hemp grown in the United States is good quality because US farmers need to be certified by state departments of agriculture. You can look at the company’s website or contact their support center to find out if their products are made from US-grown hemp.

How much THC is in the oil?

Even though there’s little THC, it may still cause psychoactive effects if it’s not processed right. CBD products should have 0.3% or less THC in them. Check the label or ask the company for lab results before you buy.

Can I get results of any lab tests on the oil?

Any legitimate company will provide results of any lab tests conducted, whether they were good or bad. When researching CBD products, check the website to find out if they provide lab results. If they don’t, contact the company to find out if they include them in the packaging.

Does hemp oil contain THC?

Yes, but only in small quantities. THC is found both in hemp and marijuana. Hemp is used when making CBD because it has less THC and more CBD.

What does “whole plant” or “full spectrum” mean on a CBD oil label?

The best CBD oil is produced using the whole plant. CBD isolates are becoming more popular; though, they are lower quality because they’re made using one part of the plant. Parts of the plant in the CBD oil should be terpenes, flavonoids, and other parts that work with the CBD to produce better benefits. When looking at CBD, check the product label to find out if the manufacturer uses the whole plant, or look on the website.

Those are the steps you should take when looking for quality CBD products. No matter where you choose to buy CBD Genesis products, we provide all the information mentioned to our clients, so you can be sure you’re getting a quality product.

Cbd Genesis

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