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The Best Way to Take CBD for Joint Pain

CBD is a natural compound found in the cannabis plant (marijuana) and is used to help with many ailments including joint pain. The method used to take CBD (Cannabidiol) will determine how dynamic it works in relieving your joint pain.

Taken orally is perhaps the most obvious method. However, its ingestion will mean traveling through the digestive tracts. This will take away a lot of the power before it eventually gets into the blood stream. Once in the blood stream, it is then when the CBD works.

There are other methods: CBD candy is especially appealing to help younger patients with joint pain and CBD arthritis cream is used externally and gets into the blood through the dermal layer – more about CBD arthritis cream in our next section.

Other methods used are by applying a CBD balm or CBD muscle rub lotion. Taking sublingually is a popular method as it involves entering the blood stream without going through the liver (which breaks down toxins) or digestive system. Water soluble CBD is also one of the many methods which patients can ingest to help ease joint pain.

CBD Cream for Joint Pain

CBD arthritis cream, CBD muscle rub and CBD balm are all lotions available to buy online. This method of application is known as topically and it is very effective for joint and pain relief which exists specific parts of the body.

A liberal amount of CBD balm should be applied to make sure as much of the lotion as possible penetrates the dermal tissue. But here’s the catch when you apply CBD topically: the solution in the balm does not go into the blood stream. Instead, it interacts with natural cannabinoid receptors found in every part of our body.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the dermal layer of skin is not very permeable. Which is why we must make sure we apply plenty of CBD balm or cream to the affected area. If the joint pain you are experiencing is in the hip, then a CBD muscle rub may be an effective and dynamic solution to use here.

The hips are closely linked with the muscle area we call the glutes. Moreover, people suffering knee joint pain could benefit from CBD muscle cream as the discomfort often spreads to the quadriceps (the four muscles that help straighten the knee).

Best CBD Oil for Joint Pain

It’s worth knowing that CBD oil is not always made the same way. The active ingredient is actually the genuine compound but it can be administrated and made using many variations. CBD capsules for sale online is becoming big business. However, many sufferers of joint pain are discovering other formats too.

Water soluble CBD, CBD topical salve (which you directly rub in to the affected area), wellness CBD gummies and even CBD candy be among the many ways of consuming this powerful and effective solution to joint pain and arthritis.

CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties. When we suffer from joint pain it can be chronic and make our lives miserable. Often, the pain is exacerbated by tissue or muscle surrounding the joint. This area typically becomes inflamed as part of the natural reaction to the fight against arthritis and joint pain.

It has to be emphasized that CBD oil has no psychoactive or mind-blowing highs. Its sister compound THC is the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant. This is why cannabis for joint pain must be the only one you purchase and not from some illicit street seller.

How to Use CBD Oil for Joint Pain

To begin, use low dosages to see if this is enough to relieve joint pain. Also, make sure your CBD oil is the only product in there. Administer the oil twice a day and begin with a solution of around 12mg each dose.

Use the CBD oil in the evening about an hour before going to bed. CBD oil can be used topically or through mixing it with tinctures. Water soluble CBD oil is available as an excellent and effective method to take for chronic joint pain relief.

How to Apply CBDl Topically

The area around the joint where you will apply the cream should be thoroughly washed and cleaned with soap. Then rinse around the area and dry. It is better to pat dry the area, rather than rubbing it but make sure there are no traces of soap left over.

How to Apply CBD Oil Tinctures

The best is to place a few drops under the tongue. This is known as sublingual application. The CBD oil will enter the blood stream without having to go through the liver or digestive system.