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Anxiety levels in America are at an all-time high. Even as I write this, statistics show that over 40 million people in the United States alone are affected by anxiety. With how anxiety is developed different from individual to individual, it is hard to find a singular medicinal prescription that can combat the many types of anxiety we face as modern citizens. From outside stressors such as our political landscape and our jobs to our own family genetic disposition, we face the challenge of how we will cover the next rental bill while juggling both our jobs and stressed out health. But even with this manic season over this political and financial landscape filled with uncertainty, we have the all-natural nutritional supplement of cannabidiol (CBD) to help calm our nerves into a more manageable future. With CBD, we can calm our nerves and expunge compacted stress from our inner systems even when our environment continues to shake and quiver with sporadic variables and events. Let us take a breather from our hectic atmosphere and investigate how CBD can calm the most irritated of internal pressures and how CBD can revolutionize our relationship with ourselves and each other.

CBD As A Calming Breeze

CBD is extracted from the industrial hemp plant, which makes CBD wholly organic and legal in many areas of the United States (though it should be researched for your own area). Being suitable for consumption for both children and the elderly, CBD and CBD infused products like CBD oil or CBD edibles are suitable for treating a wide range of medical conditions. CBD edibles and CBD oil is being used to help patients with epilepsy and chronic pain, two conditions that are massive sources of stress and anxiety. Epilepsy, trauma, stress, anxiety, inflammation, seizures- many conditions that create anxiety, but CBD relieves every condition and more by CBD’s unique chemical composition. CBD products have the capability to detoxify both the body and the mind with its organic chemical structure. Derived from the industrial hemp plant, CBD is a natural and safe chemical composition that interacts with the individual’s own endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for a wide range of bodily functions and processes’, ranging from eating to cellular restoration. The endocannabinoid system is the ignition for bodily health, with CBD and CBD oil being the key to your health journey.

CBD vs. the Multi-Headed Serpent of Anxiety

Just like viewing a snake from a distance, it is hard to make out what is the “head” or “tail” of anxiety; is it that anxiety forms from pain accumulated from experience or does pain itself come from the anxieties left unchecked and accumulated inside our bodies and minds? While science is still trying to pinpoint the exact cause of origin for anxiety itself, we understand that there are many “stressors” both inside and outside our bodies that influence the production and distribution of stress inside us. When made, anxiety likes to slither inside us while leaving behind a venomous trail of negativity that erodes the caliber of our moods and health – slowly eroding us from within. It can often feel like chasing this slippery anxiety with medications and lifestyle changes isn’t enough to quell the venomous stress that continues to build as we struggle with uncertainty over the effectiveness of our efforts. “Is this enough? Is this the proper way to eliminate my pain? Will this even work?” and like-minded questions swirl inside us, fogging up the mind and wearing our defensives down. CBD comes in to eliminate such thoughts by eliminating the problem at its core- by targeting inflamed areas and directing the blood flow into a more calmer and steady stream that delivers anti-oxidants to our brain and heart. With this CBD infused and cleaner blood flow, anxiety and stress is relieved by the promotion of our natural defensive systems that promotes activity on the cellular level instead of just promoting a particular area or specific system of our bodies. By promoting the endocannabinoid system, the blood flow and other bodily systems go spring cleaning and removes any stressors within us. While it may be impossible to fully eliminate the external stressors (like politics, work, or responsibilities) from our life, we can make it more bearable by strengthening our internal defensives against stress with CBD & CBD oil. By having a fortified inner system, CBD promotes us to deal with external stressors with renewed clarity and better responses.

CBD Eliminating Chronic Pain & Anxiety

As discussed in far greater detail in this medical journal post, acute and constant chronic pain often leads to medical stress and discomfort that can affect more than just that particular area. Anxiety can also affect other aspects of the individual themselves – such as anxiety about weight can lead to lack of sleep which then leads to non coherent thinking. From any inflamed area, stressful pain can also disrupt the psychological and inter-personal relationship connections that the inflicted individual has in their own life. What initially started off as minor back pain and stress can end up turning into a debilitative condition that saps the individual’s vitality. This compacted stress imparts with unhealthy thoughts about oneself and convinces us to disregard the acknowledgement of the point of inflammation which will continue to grow worse as we say in our depressed state that “everything is normal.” But CBD does not leave such room for negative physical and emotional stress to linger inside – instead choosing a “cleaning the house” approach to our health and wellbeing that other medications fail to meet up to. CBD products relieve anxiety by calming the nerves and reducing any inflected and infected area into a zone of CBD comfort and stability. Scrubbing away inflamed pain and releasing us from the shackles of stress, CBD is able multitask as it is distributed within our bodily systems. And as we describe what makes CBD such an effective house cleaner, remember to keep in mind that there is no ability to hallucinate or eternally leave toxic residue in the aftermath of CBD’s working in the body. This fact will be crucial to what defines CBD from other mainstream and alternative medications on the market.

Physical Stress, Depression & Anxiety

                  Sometimes it is not a specific disease that can cause anxiety, but rather a myriad of physical symptoms that lead to a heightened blood pressure. This can be due to insomnia or lack of quality REM sleep, chronic pain that refuses to relent in our bodies, or even the stress from a busy-body lifestyle is able to produce the physiological anxiety within ourselves. The many causes and generation of anxiety is made even more complex by the host of lingering questions that often lead to depression; compacting inside, this can lead to depression.                   Depression can be a result of and sign of anxiety, where chronic pain and lingering questions can drastically influence both anxiety and depression. With this heavy-handed two fist combo, depression and anxiety can derail the emotional and physical health of any individual – regardless of how well trained and disciplined their current health may be. Luckily high dosages of CBD have shown to be positive in decreasing anxiety and depression by targeting and detoxifying any areas that are inflamed – whether in the brain or in the veins. CBD can pacify and even outright prevent the development of inflamed muscle areas- instead, CBD products like CBD tincture work highly fast and are metabolized within the bodily system within minutes of consumption. Traveling throughout the body, CBD wipes clean inflamed systems while promoting the generation of white blood cells to help combat areas that are filled with toxins and tension. Depression is often a physiological response to bodily muscle tension and stress, which inflammation is often a culprit of causing. By this unique blend of promoting the body’s natural defenses alongside quelling inflammation, CBD is a wholly remarkable and effective medicinal aid at eliminating both anxiety and depression. Plus, CBD is wholly incapable of providing any sort of chemical euphoria or “high”, making CBD safe for both home and public consumption.

CBD Eliminates Price Anxiety

With mounting costs for maintaining medical prescriptions, there is many individuals whose minds and wallets would be relieved to have a medication without such steep bills. With medical health coverage and prescriptions mounting in costs, now is the time for inexpensive and effective medications like CBD or CBD oil to take the market by storm. Prescriptions that are very inexpensive (with certain medical insurances being around $200 for a CBD prescription to combat epilepsy per month) are both manageable in terms of simplicity and finances are what makes CBD an effective medicinal aid. Most people will spend a quarter of the total cost of their ongoing over-the-counter drugs if switched to a CBD regiment. CBD available in food edibles, CBD in tincture oil, and other CBD infused products are available in both high and low dosages but are only a fraction of current medical costs. Though CBD is not a total miracle, CBD is leagues ahead of other prescriptions that can combat anxiety, stress, inflammation, and mood – all under one active chemical instead of a plethora of unpronounceable and artificial list of chemicals. Why spend a small fortune on maintaining health and livelihood when a smaller sum of money can be bought weekly for $10 -$20? CBD is such an effective anxiety killer that even the external stress of pricing for medication is obliterated by CBD.

A Calm Final Note About CBD

                  Though the United States and its levels of anxiety are at an all-time high, we have at least CBD and CBD products to lower and better control the stress that is inside ourselves. With reduced anxiety brought about by the medicinal relief of CBD, we can face the external stressors and anxieties on the global scene with a renewed clarity. This clarity can give us the fortitude and strength to push forward in confidence in a big world filled with major disappointments and health risks. This change in thinking over our medications and a renewed strength to push into unknown waters is brought upon by such a small and simple chemical compound that is CBD. On the go or at home, CBD is looking to become a part of many individual’s lives as stress and anxiety is relieved by the soothing calm that CBD brings. It is with CBD and a renewed mental health focus on self and society that will blaze the trail for a more holistic view of not only our health and culture but also to think about progress in medicine itself. Once we have control over our own anxieties, then we can begin to combat effectively the originators of anxiety in our own culture and life. By CBD promoting your own health, it promotes the health and wellbeing of society itself. Though CBD dosages may change for individual to individual, everybody benefits from the work that CBD does inside the patient’s body and the United States itself. When individuals are enabled to living fuller and less anxious lives, they are more productive and readier to offer the United States new ideas and introduce new ways of understanding ourselves and our bodies. By promoting our own health, we are promoting the health and culture that is the United States at large. Look into CBD and see how it can transform your manic thoughts and jittered nerves into instant relief and clarity – not only for your own anxiety, but for the health of America itself.