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What used to be a massively misunderstood chemical compound is growing as one of the premier medicinal aids that the world has ever seen; cannabidiol (CBD) is taking the pharmaceutical landscape by storm and there is nothing to slow it down. But some people still have lingering questions and a faint understanding of what CBD & CBD products can do in their life. If you are one of these individuals, I would like to introduce 7 facts to help familiarize yourself with this miraculous medicinal compound. With these facts, you can see for yourself what CBD is and how CBD & CBD products can change your own health and life for the positive.

Fact #1: CBD is All-Natural

Any pharmaceutical drug that we put into ourselves can have a wide-range of potential effects that may go against the natural ebbs and flows of our bodily systems. A certain pharmaceutical prescription may eliminate the cough we have, but then it’s side effects turn around and give us an explosive case of diarrhea and its associated ills. CBD itself is derived and extracted from the industrial hemp plant, which makes it wholly natural and entuned to our system. CBD is wholly digested and metabolized by our inner endocannabinoid system, which regulates mood and bodily defenses against disease and the effects of aging. When connecting with receptors inside this system, CBD can regulate and ease many conditions (which we will go into later) without leaving any chemical residue or impaired thinking behind in its user. CBD is a chemical compound that can be used by all for a variety of medicinal reasons, which leads us into our next fact…

Fact #2: CBD is Available for a Wide Range of Benefits at Any Age

                  The aspect about CBD that make’s it so appealing is the fact that CBD can combat almost any type of disease for anyone from the ages of 2 to 110. This is in part due to how CBD is metabolized and implemented by our bodily systems and CBD’s own origin in natural herbal plant material. This makes CBD safe and consumable for practically anybody at any age that has a digestive system. CBD is one of the leading chemical compounds being researched to combat both adult and childhood epilepsy- something that even big brand pharmaceutical drugs cannot be administered to The list of defensive capabilities and how CBD’s effectiveness comes about will be discussed in more detail in the facts to come. But what should be known is that CBD is able to treat anything from physical maladies like bone fractures to abstract and puzzling mental conditions such as phobias and anxiety. This is due to CBD’s fluid chemical structure that leaves no inhibition inside of its user. CBD is the answer to any debilitative condition at any age, especially considering that CBD itself is non-addictive.

Fact #3: CBD is an Anti-Inflammatory

                  The interaction between receptors in the endocannabinoid system and CBD induces a plethora of effects that are beneficial to increasing our livelihood and health. Being an anti-inflammatory, CBD can regulate and modulate areas of our bodies that are fighting off infections and disease. An aspect of modern busy-body America is its disharmonious rhythm to our own natural cycles, which produces a variety of ills due to the constant inflammation we unknowingly gather from our repeated job and transportation schedules. It isn’t enough to be conscious of how “tired” our joints and minds are, because we get caught up in the relentlessness of schedules that we often overlook and choose to ignore the small signs that we are accumulating stress and disease- until we wake up dreadfully sick and our recovery takes longer than usual. CBD ensures a healthy and productive lifestyle without having to set-aside our responsibilities or commitments. Taken as an CBD edible on the go or an CBD oil that can be applied after a long day, CBD is able to reduce inflammation before you even notice it in your body.

Fact #4: CBD Can Reduce Stress

                  Not only is CBD an anti-inflammatory, but it is also a non-hallucinogenic stress reducer that can calm both hectic nerves and a jittered mind. By CBD’s interaction with the endocannabinoid receptors, CBD can quell anxiety and hypertension of blood with its natural anti-inflammatory chemical composition. Whether it is a severe headache or paranoia to broken bones and tension in the blood-flow, CBD can reduce and alleviate hypertension of any sort in its user without inhibiting their good conscious. Traveling through the blood and administering itself to areas inflicted with inflamed stress, CBD can quell the body’s immunity by CBD’s focus on satiating an infected area with the body’s own natural defenses. This includes higher production of white blood cells alongside promoting adult hippocampal neurogenesis, which is the ability for our brains to generate new brain cells. By promoting adult hippocampal neurogenesis, CBD can potentially be used to treat Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s. and other debilitative neural degenerations. 

Fact #5: CBD is Cost-Effective

As more and more companies jump to use CBD in their products and prescriptions, CBD oil itself is inexpensive and relatively easy to manufacture en mass. This leads to inexpensive pricing due to CBD’s ability to be produced in large quantities alongside CBD’s ability to be inserted into practically anything that can be consumed. Thus, there are HUGE savings to have with CBD & CBD products. What would cost hundreds of dollars in prescription medication, CBD can cost at most in the $200 ball-park per month for CBD consumption. This is a far cry from the $500 plus prescriptions that some have. Pharmaceutical giant GW Pharmaceuticals is looking at selling Epidiolex (a drug containing CBD for Epilepsy treatment) for as low as $5-10 for a month under certain medical insurances. Not only can prescription CBD medication be lower than other pharmaceutical drugs, but CBD can cover a wide variety of symptoms that will cut the amount spent on a highly diverse prescription regiment. What used to take 5 different prescriptions can be narrowed to 1 or 2 with the use of CBD prescriptions – cutting out massive chunks of prescription spending.

Fact #6: CBD Legality is Rising

Right now, there are ongoing discussions and debates raging across the United States demanding for a standardized and coherent legal view of CBD and its medicinal use. Because of the social stigma that has attributed to misunderstandings about CBD with THC, CBD has had to combat misinformation and preconceptions that are backed by fear over CBD’s lack of substantiated research. While it may not be fully regulated and acknowledged across all state-lines, CBD is receiving a call for legalization and further research by both citizens and even governmental agencies. With an increasing focus on CBD research and the isolated nature of CBD from THC and other hallucinogenic chemicals, CBD & CBD products are being increasingly voiced for legalization across the board. Now is the time to call or message your local state representatives for increasing the public consciousness and acceptance of CBD for medicinal use. For a better understanding for state by state and federal regulations concerning CBD, check out this helpful article by Steve Fiorillo from The Street to further determine if CBD is legally accessible in your state.

Fact #7: CBD Continues to Grow in Cultural Context

Through CBD is still in it’s early legal and social understanding, it continues to grow in the social consciousness of America as time marches on. Even countries outside the United States, such as Canada or Britain, are increasingly looking into research and regulation for CBD as a medicinal aid. With such support and approval for CBD as a helpful supplement to our own lives, the social and societal understanding of CBD will increase as well. Popping up and increasing in advertisements, medical studies, the court rooms, and even shows, CBD continues to grow in the zeitgeist that is both consumer and media consciousness. Though there will be misinformation and misrepresentation of CBD in media, the amount of coverage provided and continued efforts of both consumers like us and professionals in medicine and law will be able to raise holistic and valuable understanding of CBD. With this understanding, we can make CBD even more efficient and applicable in our lives that promote the overall health of not only America, but also to the world at large.

CBD Elevates Both the Body & the Mind

                  Though CBD itself has a lot more to be discovered of its uses by more research and development, it’s promising early results and application to individuals affected with pain and disease comes at a time when we as consumers are trying to increase our understanding of our health and daily habits. We need not only the information of the internet at our finger tips, but also the development of a healthier lifestyle filled with nutrients and supplements that boost our livelihoods. CBD is a potential supplement to our lives that we need in this hectic-scetic lifestyle filled with advancing technology, environmental effects, and global change. By using CBD, we can potentially raise our own health in a holistic fashion that benefits our minds and bodies by fortifying our own natural defensives. By reducing stress in our system and increasing effective pathways that detoxify our bodies and minds, CBD is shaping to being one of the most groundbreaking chemical compounds of our time. What can eliminate high costs of healthy living while also combating a variety of debilitative conditions, CBD & CBD products will affect the way society now views medicine and into the future. With this concentrated collection of CBD facts, will you consider looking into more on what CBD can do for yourself? Let us know and leave a comment sharing your own thoughts on CBD!